On the Way to Portland

August 17th, 2014 | by admin |

Just getting packed up right now and hoping that everything is going to be the way it looks in the web page when I get to Portland. Of course this is apparently a desperate situation for the company and they want me to get my butt up to the state of Oregon in the immediate future, so I have to click here for more information about the place I am living and hope that when I get to the apartment complex it is not going to be some sort of crime riddled neighborhood. For some reason I am being told that I have to worry about getting involved in some sort of avante garde culture in the city of Portland, although that is not the term that people I talked to use. Instead they used a derogatory term for a class of people who dress a certain way and have affectations of hating everything that is popular in the United States culture. I just need a place that is close to the plant and will let me keep Opie and Andy, who are my dogs and who have to come along with me no matter what. The wife is not going to be taking care of them and in fact she is not going to be thrilled about any of this. It is not like the marriage is really on a sound footing at this point in time either. So this is what needs to be done and there is not much else to do about it. In fact there is not much guarantee that Emma is going to be there when I get back, so it is to be hoped that things will work out one way or the other. I can deal with it no matter how it works out though.

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