I Can Definitely See Why a Business Would Decide to Buy Twitter Followers

November 15th, 2014 | by admin |

My grandmother was really getting into Twitter. She was following a bunch of people whose tweets she liked, but was disappointed in the amount of followers she had. A few regular folks followed her back. She even had a couple of follows from people with a modest level of fame. That tickled her ego a bit, and that was good thing. We wanted her to be more outgoing and just have some more fun in life. I decided to go ahead and buy Twitter followers for her at http://buytwitternow.net. Sure, I know that most of the time you do this when you have an online business and need to establish a strong social media presence.

I did it to make her happy. I did not buy a huge amount of followers on Twitter for her, and I made sure the follows trickled in over time instead of overnight. She saw the increase and began to take her tweeting more earnestly. I watched her struggle to get the right words to fit in the limited amount of characters available including the hashtags she wanted to use. Grandma had become a Twitter post expert and was now motivated because of her growing amount of followers.

It is funny in how this actually worked out for her even though I did not buy more followers. The retweets she did get for her funny tweets actually got more retweets because of the boost in followers. Then people started to follow her eagerly on their own. Grandma was really honored when one of her followers started a hashtag that was specifically associated with her and her sayings. This took her tweets into orbit. I was very pleased with the response of that decision to buy Twitter followers. I can definitely see why businesses decide to do this.

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