I Am Going to Try Decathlon

February 6th, 2014 | by admin |

It is not really that big of a stretch for me, since I am pretty close to a one man track team already. My specialty was always the middle distances, but I have run a lot of distances and I have done the throwing events. It is not like we have a huge High School, we are barely big enough for 2A in this state and there are not a ton of people interested in track. I got more interested after I started getting scholarship offers. I began chugging more turbo force and protein shakes after I got the first one, because they were thinking that I could be good at the decathlon and they wanted to see me try one of them. Before that we did not really do that, because there was no one to do it and the coach can not force people to do stuff like that. I was doing the javelin, the discus and the shot put though, plus running the mile and the 5000 meter, cross country and the middle hurdle distances.

I had to figure out what you did in the decathlon first and how good my event times would be. You throw stuff obviously. You do the javelin, the shot put, the discus and so throwing things is about a third of it. You run the 1500 meters, or maybe the mile depending on the organizer I suppose. The things I have not really tried much are the long jump, although I seem to do good at that compared to college decathletes, the 100 meters and the 110 meter hurdles. I have run the hurdles before, but at 400 meters and 800 meters. I have also pole vaulted and high jumped, although it is not as though I am going to be great at those.

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