Helping out the Big City

January 31st, 2014 | by admin |

Vejay Pal - Derby | about.meMy grandfather and I work together, we go and buy houses that were abandoned and the city owns them by right. I knew that they city had spent a little bit of money on the houses as they could not let them go with broken windows so they would take any reasonable offer. I would go to the city hall and ask how much money the city had put into the homes that were abandoned and then we would make an offer of the cost plus one thousand dollars. We buy any house that we can get into and do an inspection on and see that it might only need some paint and some other minor work. We stay away from the houses that do not have a foreseeable selling future. We have seen a lot of houses with damage as far as graffiti and that is okay, we can always paint over that with a good primer.

Houses with termite damage and houses that have a lot of junk left in them left by squatters would take up too much of our time to clean up and if we wanted to pay another company to come in and take the stuff it would be too expensive so we are very picky. We know that we are providing a service to the city and we are then able to offer low income people the right to buy a house for hardly any money per month or we will rent the house out to section eight people that will have to come and get inspections done on them every three months. We will refuse to be land owners that are known as slum lords. There are a lot of people that are glad to do business with the two of us.

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